Millenium - Back After Years,
Live In Krakow 2009

(DVD 2010, 140 min, Lynx Music LM 58 DVD-DG)

The tracks:
  1- Back After Years - Intro
  2- Visit In Hell
  3- I Would Like To Say Something
  4- Hundreds Of Falling Rivers
  5- The Circles Of Life
  6- Higher Then Me
  7- Light Your Cigar
  8- Insomnia
  9- Light
10- Drunken Angels
11- Eternal Tale / For The Price Of Her Sad Days
12- Ultraviolet
13- Greasy Mud
14- Demon
15- Madman
16- Numbers
17- Back To The Childhood
18- Wishmaker
19- Embryo
20- Road To Infinity
21- Waltz Vocanda
22- The Silent Hill
23- My Life Domino
24- Extra: 7 Years & Millenium About Myself

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Millenium is a Polish five piece band that released their eponymous debut album back in 1999. Several years later the band produced Exist their acclaimed seventh studio album and according to many fans their best effort so far. Last year Millenium toured in order to promote Exist and then released a double live album and a live DVD. Their music is a joy for lovers of modern prog rock and neo-prog and on this live DVD you can witness the pleasure of the band members and their warm interaction with the audience.

The light show is beautiful, the sound is great and the camera shots are very well done, no ‘10 shots in 5 seconds’ as so many live DVD’s suffer from nowadays. Millenium is a tight unit, everyone knows his place and this matches with their song-oriented musical attitude. Although they sound modern, I still trace elements of early Pink Floyd every now and then, especially in Embryo with the keyboards and for sure with the guitar. The focus is often on their varied work moving from fiery to heavy with the wah-wah pedal. Keyboardist Ryszard Kramarski has an important, but more subdued role with his tasteful colouring with piano, Mellotron-flute sounds and fat synthesizer flights. The visual highlight on this DVD is the song Madman in which singer Lukasz Gall adds an extra dimension by wearing a strait-jacket, referring to the song title. Another highlight is the final composition My Life Domino featuring a spectacular lightshow and lots of dynamics. The ‘extra’ section contains a video with a studio recording of 7 Years and a documentary entitled Millenium About Myself that contains pictures and the band members talking about themselves in Polish, unfortunately not translated in English.

The music is also available on CD (see review)

**** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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