The Book Of Genesis

April 2, 2017 - 't Blok, Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel (NL)

It's most of the time, a real treat to see a professional Genesis tribute band. Most of all if they do a real copy of the live shows Genesis did when lead singer Peter Gabriel was still a member of the band. The fantastic progressive rock music in combination with the costumes and other props are a real feast for your eyes and ears. As many of you do know that the list of Genesis tribute bands is almost countless. In the past I have already seen several of them. Included are Genesis Project. Carpet Crawlers, ReGenesis, The Musical Box and The Watch. Unfortunately the last one only copies the music of Genesis and therefore no real visual aspects are included in their shows. A band which covers it all the way are The Book Of Genesis. An act which I hadn't seen before. The people from ProgFrog managed to get them on their stage during the first Sunday of April this year. Of course this was a great opportunity for our team to see how capable they are to relive the golden years of Genesis.

Nigel Betteridge @ Watcher Of The Skies
This band from England chose to do two different sets, and to include music which Genesis originally recorded between 1970 and 1976. After the show I found out that they first started as a Genesis tribute band which only covered the Phil Collins era. On request they started to do the songs which are by many regarded as the best compositions ever written by Genesis.

The first set (50 minutes long) started with a song which is used by many Genesis tribute bands to start with, just as the original band did in the seventies. It's the opening piece from Foxtrot (1972) and has the title Watcher Of The Skies. During this science-fiction themed piece lead singer Nigel Betteridge wore, just like Peter Gabriel, bat wings on the side of his head, had a kind of glowing UV make-up around his eyes, and a black cape on his shoulders. Although Nigel's differs from Peter's voice he managed to copy him well in all of his gestures and singing lines. Also the musicians (all dressed up in white except for the female drummer) that accompanied him, did copy the original performers the best way possible. Next up was again a track taken from the same album. For the property development-themed Get 'Em Out By Friday Nigel was wearing two different hats. He did this to visualize the conversation between the four characters which are mentioned
The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
in the lyrics. At first he was sometimes too late to do his vocals due to the fact it took too long to change hats. After a while he only did wear one hat for a certain part and did the other parts without. For the next songs the band moved even further back in time and did two tracks from Nursery Cryme (1971). First up was The Return Of The Giant Hogweed, the song which warns of the spread of the toxic plant Heracleum mantegazzianum after it was "captured" in Russia and brought to England by a Victorian explorer. During this song Nigel wore a head accessory which I have never seen during a Genesis tribute performance. The masque he used had hair locks that looked like leaves. During The Musical Box he of course did wear the old man masque and introduced this classic Genesis piece by telling a bit about the two children Cynthia and Henry. The final part of the first set was reserved for the only song taken from Trespass (1970). After they ended this original written protest song, better known as The Knife, a well deserved applause came upon them from the audience and they left the stage. A short intermission was next before we could see the excellent musicians again.

Can-Utility And The Coastliners
The second set (90 minutes long) was opened by the title track of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (1974). Shortly after that followed another one from the same album; The Carpet Crawlers. Strangely enough Mr.Betteridge didn't wear a leather jacket as most copiers of Gabriel do when they do parts from this album. Once again the band returned to the Foxtrot album with the song Can-Utility And The Coastliners. A song based on King Canute, and Nigel came on dressed like a king. During the performance it was nice to see if bass player Kirk Watson would have time to change his acoustic guitar for the bass, which he did and played the fast part on this instrument. The song that by many fans is regarded as one of the best Genesis compositions ever, was next. Mainly because of the fact Firth Of Fifth includes an amazing guitar solo, which was wonderfully reproduced by Robert Arnold, who looked btw very much like Gabriel during his Lamb period and first time he went solo. Moreover the same song has an outstanding piano intro and an even more incredible synthesizer
Supper's Ready (The Flower)
solo. All very well done by Howard Boder. After this awesome stuff it was time to do something from the Phill Collins era. When Afterglow was finished a solo spot was given to the earlier mentioned Robert Arnold. On the setlist it was mentioned as Bob's Bits and featured sections taken from Blood On The Rooftops and a complete version of Horizons. All performed on the six strings acoustic guitar. As to be expected it was just like on the original album followed by Supper's Ready. And just like Gabriel, Betteridge introduced it with a short story about old Henry, who passed the pet shop, which was never open, into the park, which was never closed, and the park which was full of a very smooth, clean, green grass. Nigel finally could say the legendary words "But to the birds it meant that supper was ready" and this beautiful epic divided into seven sections could begin. Of course the many costume changes with different masques were included. So all of the spectators could enjoy for example 'the flower', 'the pharaoh' and the guy with fluorescent lamp who looked like someone from the Star Wars movie! After this spectacular performance I truly though it was the end of the regular show.
Phildas Bhakta
Nigel thanked the audience and said he would leave them in the capable hands of this wonderful band. As soon as the Swiss female drummer Phildas Surakshadevi Bhakta started to hit her drums it became clear Los Endos was next. It certainly was a great way to say farewell to the enthusiastic audience, who truly had a marvelous time enjoying all the excellent performed classic Genesis material. But of course they didn't let them return to Great Britain before doing a final encore.

The usual encore done by Genesis was already done. So instead of hearing The Knife they of course did I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe). A track which was released by Genesis as a UK single that reached No. 21 following its release in February 1974. Lawnmower hats were worn by the musicians on stage. Unfortunately Nigel didn't do the lawnmower walk or the Collins tambourine act. Instead a small section of Stagnation taken from Trespass could be enjoyed as well. After this piece of music was finished again an overwhelmed applause could be heard. Making clear that the Dutch audience loved them all the way and would love to have them back on a Dutch stage sooner or later.

No doubt about that! Because they brought back the fantastic musical period of Genesis between1970 and 1976. The Book Of Genesis are most certainly capable to relive the golden years of Genesis. Anybody present during this sunny Sunday afternoon at 't Blok will agree with me! They certainly want more! Much more!

Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

Live video

   Henri & Roel Strik

Watcher of the Skies (8:00)
Firth Of Fifth (9:36)
The Knife (9:08)

Setlist The Book Of Genesis:

Set 1
Watcher Of The Skies
Get 'Em Out By Friday
The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
The Musical Box
The Knife
Set 2
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
The Carpet Crawlers
Can-Utility And The Coastliners
Firth Of Fifth
Bobís Bits (section Blood On The Rooftops & Horizons included)
Supper's Ready
Los Endos
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) (section Stagnation included)

Pictures The Book Of Genesis
by Arthur Haggenburg

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Line up The Book Of Genesis:

(left to right)
Kirk Watson:
bass guitar, bass pedals, backing vocals, 12 string acoustic guitar and double neck bass/ six-string guitar.
Robert Arnold:
electric and acoustic guitars
Nigel Betteridge:
lead vocals
Howard Boder:
keyboards, 12 string acoustic guitar
Phildas Surakshadevi Bhakta:

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