(by Erik Neuteboom)

(edited by Peter Willemsen)

The Chapters:

1) Introduction
2) The Classic Era: 1969 - 1979
3) The Years Between 1980 and 2002
4) Interesting New Bands and New Releases Between 2003 and 2009
5) Reunions of Legendary and Popular Bands In The Last Decade
6) Compilations and Special Projects
7) DVD’s
8) My Personal 1969 – 2009 Italian Prog rock Album Top 20
9) Epilogue

Chapter 9: Epilogue

It was a great joy to compile this Italian prog rock special out of the tons of reviews I wrote for several magazines and websites. You can consider it as a personal tribute to the wonderful and captivating world of the Italian progressive rock between 1969 and 2009 with the focus on symphonic rock and neo-prog. I am not really into styles like avant-garde, Canterbury or progressive metal. Although I have written about hundreds of bands, there are so many more interesting Italian progrock bands to discover. If you want to check out all those not-mentioned bands (from Abissi Infiniti and Flashmen to Circus 2000, Opus Avantra, Picchio Dal Pozzo and Stormy Six), I recommend to you the books Rock Progressivo Italiano by Paolo Barotto & Marco D’Ubaldo, (see my review) and the acclaimed Italian Prog by Augusto Croce with bonus CD (see www.btf.it), it’s one of my top wishes!

‘Multo grazie’ to Ray Dirksen and Jeroen ‘Valtino’!

Ciao !

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