About Us

The TVRDO show started as a podcast in 2012 with one hour non-stop progressive and symphonic rock music. As of 24-Jul-2017 GlassRock is running the show between 21:00 and 22:00 hours. On Sunday evening there is a replay at PopRockRadio, but a second hour is added (which is called the TVRDOverdrive show) with a special set of tracks.

The show is managed by Frans Verweij. He states: "For me it's like a sort of homecoming with both Peter and Rob van Dijk on the team as well. Together we made some radio shows in the seventies and early eighties for the illustrative Radio Loosduinen and Radio Fiasco".

The format of the TVRDO show has remained unchanged throughout the years. Our aim is to discover new bands in the progscene, but we also run music of the established order such as Pink Floyd, Marillion and so on. With some regularity we have a special as in 2015 with the We Are Kin band, where they announced the music and artist which influenced them. Last year we did an interview with Steve Howe of Yes and there undoubtedly will be something again this year in that order.

In short, a typical show for the Prog fan. No ads, only music!

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