IZZ - Everlasting Instant

(CD 2015, 59:20, Doone Records DR12-669563)

The tracks:
  1- Own The Mystery
  2- Every Minute
  3- Start Again
  4- If It's True
  5- The Three Seers
  6- The Everlasting Instant
  7- Keep Away
  8- Can't Feel the Earth, Part IV
  9- Illuminata
10- Sincerest Life
11- Like A Straight Line

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This genre of music that we love called progressive rock has a habit of surprising me on a regular basis. And long may it continue. I still get excited at hearing new music from bands I previously had no knowledge of. And if that music is really special as this one is then my listening experience is complete and I can relax in the knowledge that music of this quality will be produced for years to come. On investigation I discovered that this album is in fact part three of a trilogy. The previous two were The Darkened Room (2009, see review) and Crush Of Night (2012, see review). I have not heard these but after hearing this album I will certainly be checking them out. IZZ are an American band led by two brothers. Tom and John Galgano. Tom plays keyboards and John plays bass and keys. Both sing. They are joined by Paul Bremner on guitars, Greg DiMiceli on drums, Brian Coralian on percussion, and two vocalists, Anmarie Byrnes and Laura Meade.

The immediate comparison that springs to mind is Glass Hammer due to the two leaders playing keys and bass and the use of female vocals. But IZZ have a sound of their own too, and I really liked the various keyboard sounds used and the guitars sound amazing. The song writing is well structured and performed well. The production does not go over the top and on occasions is quite dry which gives the sound a lot of variety.

There is a lot here for the prog fan to enjoy. Complicated time signatures, great songs, a concept, subtle hints of ELP, Yes and Genesis but also some modern twists on the prog genre. This album creates an atmosphere that is best listened to all the way through in one session and will be played in this household for a long time to come.

***** Dave Smith

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