Tilt - Long Gone

(CD 2009, 8:41, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Long Gone(4:18)
  2- No Superman(4:21)

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When you give ten reviewers the same album to review, you always get ten different opinions. The main reason is that reviewers are just ordinary people with different musical preferences even within the same musical genre. I must think about this when I gave the EP Million Dollar Wound by Tilt to one of my fellow reviewers. He is less enthusiastic about this release than I am, but I truly believe that the music made by Steve Vantsis, Dave Steward and Robin Boult deserves to be heard by many people. I enjoyed the music on this mini-album a lot. For a long period, it was a free mp3 download, but since September 2009, the album is available on the bandís website and on iTunes and Amazon as well.

However, this review is not about Million Dollar Wound, but about a new download release by Tilt. Long Gone is a CD-single containing the title track and No Superman. Both tracks appeared on Million Dollar Wound as well and our reviewer liked these two tracks as you can read in his review (see review). And so did I! Long Gone features the wonderful vocals of Kaela Rowan. She has a strong voice that strongly resembles the voice of Christina Booth (Magenta). This song starts rather mellow on an acoustic guitar moving gradually to a climax. The whole band then goes in the highest gear delivering a very strong performance. No Superman is an up-tempo piece in the way Porcupine Tree would have done it. On this track, Paul Dourley does all the vocals. If you decide to download this CD-single and you like the music, you can always try the mini-album.

*** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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