Yesterdays - Holdfenykert

(CD 2014/2006, 54:29, Seacrest Oy Records)

The tracks:
  1- Napfenykert(1:56)
  2- Vegtelen(4:36)
  3- Ne Feij(5:50)
  4- Ha Majd Egyszer(3:10)
  5- It's So Divine(4:49)
  6- Hoi Vagy(8:02)
  7- Varj Meg(5:33)
  8- Holdfenykert(2:15)
  9- Seven(11:48)
10- Valahol A Terben(6:23)

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This is NOT a new album, but it is a reissue of the successful debut of Yesterdays dated way back in 2006. The album was originally reviewed by Henri Strik and he awarded the album with 3+ stars (see review). Therefore I will not go any deeper into this album except for telling you that influences from notorious bands like Camel, Genesis, Yes and Manning can be heard throughout the entire album. So, for example the song called It's So Divine actually sounds like a homage to Yes guitarist Steve Howe and you can also enjoy Robert Fripp-like guitar passages and keyboard riffs in the veins of Clive Nolan.

Holdfenykert is a melodic prog album with a definite vintage feel, filled with catchy, beautiful harmonies and melodies and perhaps a must for fans of the aforementioned bands.

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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