Invertigo - InMotion

(CD 2019, 45:10, Progressive Promotion Records ‎PPRCD075)

The tracks:
  1- Interrompu(7:04)
  2- LSPP - Listen To The Smell Of The Pretty Picture(10:28)
  3- Severn Speaking(4:41)
  4- Wasting Time(8:51)
  5- Life (Part I) Random(7:40)
  6- Life (Part II) Metaphors(4:21)

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This is a five-piece formation from the German city Gelsenkirchen (in the Seventies I was a Schalke 04 'Schlachtenbummler', hail to Klaus Fischer) that was founded in 2006. In 2010 Invertigo released its debut CD entitled Next Stop Vertigo (see review), two years later followed by Veritas (see review), and recently InMotion. I am not familiar with Invertigo's previous two releases so this is my first musical encounter.

Listening to the music I conclude that Invertigo sounds as a wonderful and gracious bridge between Seventies Symphonic rock and Eighties Neo-prog. The most immediate comparison that comes to my mind is Spock's Beard, especially in the tracks Wasting Time (dynamic, varied, exciting break with rock guitar and lush Hammond organ) and the excellent and alternating Life (Part I) Random (delicate Spanish guitar flavour, and splendid vintage keyboards, from Mini Moog - to Mellotron choir sound). The singer does a decent job in English (and also delivers nice work on piano), and the rhythm-section is very solid. The interplay between the musicians is fluent, and the music contains lots of interesting musical ideas, and flowing shifting moods. But the extra dimension on this third Invertigo effort is the work by the keyboard player and the guitarist, they succeed to colour the compositions in a very tasteful way in the six pleasant, accessible and melodic compositions.

From moving to heavy rock guitar, and a glorious vintage keyboard sound (Hammond, Mini Moog, Mellotron) in Interrompu.

Subtle Mellotron flute and howling electric guitar runs in the strong epic LSPP - Listen To The Smell Of The Pretty Picture (with echoes from Belgian legend Machiavel).

An interesting blend of spoken words by a female kid and Saga-like prog in the short Severn Speaking

And lots of captivating changing climates, vintage keyboards and varied guitar (electric and acoustic) in the final song Life (Part II) Metaphors.

I am delighted with my first musical experience with Invertigo, I am sure this band will please the fans of Old School - and Neo-prog!

**** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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